According to the concept of Symposium or Meeting, WOMEL was organized as a meeting of experts about lightning of 15 countries with a methodology focused in presentations and discussions topics about lightning research results and technological advances (measurement of parameters, protection, prediction etc.) in full and detailed way, approaching it from different angles through individual, short, synthetic and continuous succession interventions. Visiting researchers answered 2 questions in articles and presentations that you can find on this web page:

– What has been, in your opinion, your Most Important contribution to lightning research? Please describe the salient points of the contribution itself.
– In Your Opinion, what lightning research issues should be given special attention in the coming years?

And a coordinator summarized the main ideas. The auditorium was open to people interested in the topic and they asked questions and doubts that experts clarified and responding during the workshops.

Expert groups were developed the following topics in parallel spaces during the three days of the symposium:

  • Lightning Parameters for engineering application (Measurement Direct and Indirect)
  • Lightning Physics
  • Lightning Protection
    • Structures (IEC and others)
    • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Lightning Location Systems
  • Lightning Meteorology
  • Lightning safety, culture and education
  • Lightning and Smart grid

Additionally was made workshops with the researchers on specific topics and exhibition of materials related to the subject-lightning equipment. At the end of the Expert Conferences we proposed a summary of the presented issues.”

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