News Flash – April 2018

Information about the Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties

  1. AECEF Board meeting 

Held in Porto 19Apr18. See more.

  1. AECEF Symposium 2019

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology will organize in ​the Autumn  2019 See more.

  1. Project CALOHEE 

Had the last Management Committee meeting in Leiden 25 and 26Apr18. See more.

  1. Call for experts

To assess Horizon 2020 calls. See more.

  1. Dual Degree Programs in Civil Engineering

École des Ponts (ENPC) celebrates international cooperation. See more.

  1. ASEE 2018 Conference

Salt Lake City in 24-26Jun18. See more.

  1. CISPEE Conference

Portuguese Society of Engineering Education, Aveiro, 27-29Jun18. See more.

  1. ISEC Conference

Construction and Structural Engineering, Brisbane, 3-5Dec18. See more.

  1. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering

Springer accepts proposals for new book. See more.

  1. AECEF joins IFEES

As Observer the AECEF Board has decided to join. See more.

  1. 67th meeting ECCE

European Council of Civil Engineers is 31May-2Jun18, Tallinn. See more.

  1. CIB planned meetings

Overall situation and call for papers. See more.

  1. Research, Practice, and Knowledge Integration

Call for papers in Orlando, Florida. See more.

  1. QS Ranking

Civil and Structural Engineering ranking in Europe. See more.

  1. EUCEET Conference

Universidad Politecnica Cataluna, Barcelona 5-8Sep18. See more.

  1. SEFI Conference

Technical University of Denmark, 17-21Sep18. See more.

CESAER – Civil Engineering

10th European Convention of Deans and Heads of CE, Trondheim, 27-29May18. See more.

  1. UN 2020 Sustainable Development Goals in the Black Sea Region

13th Conference of Rectors, Thessaloniki, 17-18Jun18. See more.

  1. Innovative Concepts for the Sustainable Development of the Black Sea Region

Summer School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 20-27Jun18. See more.