Reasons to be a strategic ally

  • Participate in an event of wide recognition between the faculties, schools and engineering programs at local, regional and global level, with a trajectory of more than 35 years of accomplishment.
  • Generate contacts, share experiences with representatives of different institutions, agencies and entities of sectors related to education and engineering.
  • Strengthen the knowledge of your company, institution or guild and generate greater rapprochement to a select group of participants.
  • To know advances, developments, innovations and information in science, technology and procedures in the field of engineering and the training of engineers.
  • Interacting in academic activities with high level experts and national and international recognition, with whom will share experiences and perspectives around the central theme of the Meeting.
  • Have the possibility to offer projects, services and products related to engineering.
  • Participate in the strategy of promotion and dissemination of the Meeting.
  • Integrate in technical, social and cultural activities in the city of the most important events in Colombia: Cartagena de Indias “historical patrimony of humanity”.

Commercial Exhibition


To promote, in a single scenario, the meeting of academic, scientific, technological and engineering sectors, through the participation of companies, publishers, higher education institutions, governmental entities, academic associations and guilds and leaders in procedures, products And engineering-oriented services.


Organizations interested in participating may choose from the set of activities presented, those that are of interest to them.

The spaces for the exhibitions are susceptible of availability.

Description of alternatives