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In September 2013, the Colombian Association of Faculties of Engineering (ACOFI) organized the WEEF 2013 (World Engineering Education Forum) in Cartagena city and directly supported the Ninth Global Student Forum (9th GSF) organized by the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED). The 9th GSF met for the first time in Colombia engineering students for development subjects of engineering education (EE). Under this highly important issue, engineering students had the opportunity to discuss engineering teaching and learning models and to share with students from Iand national universities in implementing action plans globally designed to apply locally.

During this same year ACOFI expressed its support for the formation of the student chapter in the Association, focused on engineering education to encourage the participation of other national and foreign student organizations interested in getting involved in the subject of engineering education. This meeting has been held uninterrupted since 2014, taking greater importance each year thanks to the achievements.

The EIEI ACOFI 2017 will take place the 4th Colombian Engineering Student Forum in which experiences, reflections and learning will be shared from the different careers and engineering faculties, around the realization of projects, conferences and workshops  with the feedback to their institutions and other partners in improving the learning and teaching process in the different engineering programs.


  • Involve students in the process of training, raising awareness, allowing for reflection that leads to debate, innovate and propose on the subject of engineering education.
  • Encourage the formation of academic leaders and generating national and international networks to good professional development of future engineers.
  • Highlight in social commitment of the engineers in Colombia.
  • Highlight the work of research groups from different universities through the exhibition of projects.
  • Development action plans (projects created by students in the days of the event) to provide solutions to the problems related to engineering education and engineering such as in Colombia and the world.


  1. Technological, social and business innovation
  • Community service in engineering faculties
  • Relationship between engineering faculties and companies or governmental entities.
  1. Quality of life in cities and ecosystems
  • Drinking water management
  • Waste management, recycling
  • Alternative energies
  1. Good practices, ethics in engineering and solid institutions
  • Postconflict Engineering
  • Transparency in engineering projects


  1. Workshop of action plans using methodology developed by Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED).
  2. Community Service
  3. Interactive Workshops
  4. Exhibition of projects: The best projects of engineering students ACOFI 2017

First Exhibition of projects: The best projects of engineering students ACOFI 2017