The Colombian Association of Schools of Engineering (ACOFI) organizes from September 26 to 29, 2017, a new version of the International Meeting of Engineering Education (EIEI ACOFI 2017), to be held in the historic city of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia).

With the title: “The engineering schools and their engagement to society”, the EIEI ACOFI 2017 will be the stage in which deans, academic, and administrative directors, professors and engineering students will interact with representatives of the productive sector, State, guilds and citizenship, will they study and analyze on the problems and expectations of society and propose strategies that allow human development to be compatible with productivity and sustainability, so that from the schools of engineering proposed viable, innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions that ensure a positive impact on society.

ACOFI invite the entire academic engineering community, represented in schools, undergraduate and postgraduate programs, institutes, centers, and research groups. It especially extends the invitation to entrepreneurs and associations related to engineering, to local, regional, national and global governments and organizations, to the media and, in general, to all those interested in knowing the engagement of the engineering education with the reduction of gaps: social, economic, scientific and technological.

Lectures, panels and dialogues with experts, about of the engineering education, and its relationship with social and professional development; workshops, technical and social activities will form a great agenda prepared with great care by the organization. The EIEI ACOFI 2017 will be a space to know and share experiences, proposals and trends that seek to promote the potential of scientific and technological development of engineering for social development.

Deans, directors of academic units, administrative staff, professors, researchers, students, government, industry and society will be present in the EIEI ACOFI 2017.

Main activities

  • Lectures
  • Panels and dialogues with experts
  • Papers presented in simultaneous thematic rooms
  • Research advances
  • Papers exhibited through posters
  • Engineering students meeting
  • Commercial exhibition
  • Social, technical and cultural activities

Advantages of participating

  • Share experiences and generate contacts with representatives of different institutions, agencies and entities of sectors related to the teaching and professional practice of engineering.
  • Participate in academic activities with experts of high level and recognition, with whom will share experiences and perspectives on the central theme of the Meeting.
  • Knowing advances, developments, innovations and information in science, technology and procedures in the field of engineering and training of engineers.
  • Integrate in technical, social and cultural activities in one of the largest, modern and growing cities of Colombia.
  • Participate in a meeting of broad global recognition, with a trajectory of more than 38 years of accomplishment.

Profile of participants

  • Directors of Higher Education Institutions with engineering programs.
  • Deans and directors of schools and programs of engineering.
  • Professors, professionals, researchers and students of engineering.
  • Representatives of the business sector.
  • Representatives of the government sector.
  • Advisers, consultants and researchers, experts and experts in engineering education.
  • Professional associations, academics, research or extension groups related to engineering.
  • Representatives of international entities related to education.

Event venue

Cartagena de Indias Convention Center



Located in the Gethsemane neighborhood in front of the martyrs’ ridge and a few steps from the Clock Tower one of the most representative and well-known landmarks of the city.

Year after year, the Convention Center ( hosts more than 300 events such as government summits, congresses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions and shows from a wide variety of audiences and sizes.

The site, designed and built specifically to host congresses and conventions, large plenary sessions and concurrent academic sessions has a technology and IT platform that meets the demands of events such as ICANN 39, Andina Link, World Lightning Meeting and VI Summit of the Americas, thus confirming the scope of its services.

Our image

EIEI2016 - Logo - copia

A logo to symbolically represent the different branches of engineering.

  • Inspired by the representation of vectors, present in all engineering
  • Integrates different mathematical elements
  • Contains an abstraction of what can be an intersection of planes, giving it a 3D look
  • Simplifies the procedures of memorizing the acronym as a brand
  • Remember the colors of ACOFI