October 4th to 7th - 2016 - Cartagena de Indias

Innovation in engineering schools: Change for competitiveness and sustainability

For this year, the Colombian Association of Faculties of Engineering (ACOFI) organizes from 4 to 7 October at the Convention Center Cartagena city Cartagena de Indias, a new version of the International Conference on Engineering Education ACOFI 2016 (EIEI ACOFI 2016), whose central theme, Innovation in engineering schools: change for global sustainability.

The EIEI ACOFI 2016 will be this time a stage of reflection on the role of innovation, understood as engineering … and the necessary relationship between the university and the productive sector and the state, and its impact on society.

The EIEI ACOFI 2016, is the most important stage of education in engineering in Colombia and one of the most recognized in the international arena, where the socialization of proposals and experiences of the process teaching and learning, research in engineering education , social responsibility in the training of engineers, among other important issues, provide elements and opportunities for improvement in our faculties of engineering.

EIEI ACOFI in 2016, the work and experience of teachers and students will be exposed. The interaction will be with deans, professors, researchers, students, government, industry and society. They will be held lectures on engineering education, technical panels and several conferences and social activities.

The EIEI ACOFI 2016 is a space for trends, experiences and proposals that constitute the true potential of scientific and technological development of engineering, as a contribution to the local, regional and global sustainability. For this reason, ACOFI is pleased to invite you to participate in this important event, the entire academic engineering community, institutes, centers or research groups, guilds and business related to engineering.

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